Healthy Eating Habits

Get the Nutrition You Need to Lose Weight

The Healthiest Way to Lose Weight

I can’t even begin to tell you how many people automatically assume that the words “vegetarian” or “vegan” mean malnutrition. This is a very common misconception among Americans that have had the thorough omnivore diet brainwashing from birth. We are told continuously, from multiple sources including places like WIC and the public schools, that you need cow milk and you must eat meat or you will not get your vitamins. When the truth is that your body is being destroyed from the inside out with an omnivore diet. Plant-based diets are what make a body happy and healthy. Have you ever met an overweight, unhealthy, 100% plant eater? No you haven’t, because their body is able to operate with full functionality and they are able to get to and maintain their body’s natural homeostasis weight.


Lose Weight Naturally and Easily

Increasing your consumption of fruits, vegetables, beans and other plant-based food items will free up your body’s energy to allow it to combat the massive beat-down it has been experiencing from years of eating animal products. Plant-based eating will help your body’s immune system too, creating an optimal base environment to keep diseases at bay.

People often take up the latest fad diet or the often practiced salad diet. The problem with these diets is that they are either too hard to keep up, because life is too busy for counting carbs and food portioning or because their body becomes malnutritioned. Starving yourself of nutrition in order to continue to eat meat is a very typical “diet” that causes people to be on a weight roller coaster. Switching to salads with iceberg lettuce is not going to help you lose weight for the long term and once your body starts to get into starvation mode you will binge eat until you get all the nutrients that you neglected to give your body, causing your weight loss to vanish as if you never even tried. The effort it takes to strictly moderate your diet is too much stress to continue eating that way… not that you should. You can eat and eat and eat with a plant-based diet and you will watch the pounds melt away.

Why Do Animal Products Cause People to Become Overweight?

There are a variety of reasons why animal products should not be consumed by humans:

  • They are the main cause of the most common preventable diseases that are killing millions of Americans each year.
  • On top of the clogged arteries and diminished brain function, animal products also cause people to gain weight. One major problem with ingesting animal products is that people eat them at every meal and their body is getting overnutrition which is another way to say malnutrition; when their body doesn’t know what to do with the extra it starts becoming excess weight.
  • The growth hormones that are fed to the animals on top of the naturally occurring animal hormones are both not needed or wanted by our human bodies. This excess of hormones is causing abnormal fluctuations in humans leading to a long list of health problems including cancer. If the animals are beefing up with the added hormones, then you eat their meat and drink their milk, you are going to get bigger just like the animal did.
  • The antibiotics fed to the animals are causing the naturally occurring microbial flora in the human body to not operate properly and that means that the waste your body sends to your intestines is taking longer to be broken down and the nutrients being taken in during this process are being reduced; plus, the things your body doesn’t need are being held onto for more time and secreting toxins into your body. All that food sitting in your intestines is weight you don’t need and it can lead to various diseases.
  • Animal products are the first and foremost reason for weight gain and retention. If you have ever made any effort to lose weight with very little to show for it, then you know first hand how the animal products you are in-taking are affecting your ability to lose weight. Once your cells become full of “nutrition” the left overs start spilling into the blood stream, causing your arteries to become clogged. Also, once your cells are overflowing they become unable to receive the insulin your body is producing to properly handle the things it is taking in, which will inevitably cause diabetes. This is why so many people that are overweight are also diabetic.

Get Off the Weight Roller coaster

Let’s be serious about your health for a moment… if you want to be eating delicious food while your waist thins down YOU MUST STOP EATING ANIMAL PRODUCTS! Now with that being said, do I think that your body can’t recooperate if you have a burger once per month, NO that is ridiculous of course your body can handle that, but why risk falling back into your old ways? Why poison yourself if it isn’t a life or death situation? You are addicted to eating food that is bad for you and it is really best to tell yourself “No” and move on with your healthy lifestyle. Go all in! You can do it!

Are Vegetarians and Vegans Experiencing Malnutrition?

Well… they shouldn’t be. Though I can’t speak for every person out there on a plant-based diet, I can say that there is a way for them to get all the nutrition they need without animals. Part of having a well-rounded diet is knowing what you are taking into your body. You can eat so much food on a plant-based diet and you will be surprised how much weight you lose, while feeling full and satisfied after and between meals, without counting and measuring your food.

With that being said, there is more of a need for plant-based eaters to notice how much they are getting of some essential nutrients. If you are not big on keeping track then you may want to get started on some vitamins to make sure that you are keeping up on your health. There is nothing worse than trying hard to do good only to find out that you are doing bad.

Do you need vitamin supplements?

There are some nutrients that plant-based eaters tend to not get enough of when they are picky or just don’t pay attention to the vitamins contained in the items they are consuming. The most neglected nutrients are: vitamin B12, vitamin D, long chain omega 3, iodine, iron, calcium and zinc. Yes, you can get all of these from a plant-based diet! WooHoo! If you are not big on the plants that you can take in for these essentials then I highly recommend vitamin supplements to help your body nourish itself while the weight falls off and beyond. There are some delicious ways to get proper nutrition, that don’t come from animals and after you establish your new grocery list you can go more in-depth to make sure you will be getting enough of the nutrients you need.

Vitamin B12

This is first on the list, because B12 doesn’t come from plants. B12 comes from micro organisms and can be found naturally in nutritional yeast or it is added to fortified foods. This is the most often neglected nutrient by plant-based eaters. Do not neglect to get this essential nutrient, supplements are available to keep your body healthy.

Vitamin D

Not getting enough vitamin D is a common issue among Americans both plant-based and omnivores. Plenty of foods provide vitamin D, but if you are not spending enough time in the sun, then you are probably going to need to supplement this vitamin.

Long chain Omega 3

These are in a lot of food items and are easy to add into your recipes, since a lot of them come from seeds. You can easily get everything you need while eating plant-based, but it may take time to adjust your diet to contain some of the essentials.

A plant-based diet will help you in all aspects of your life. You will feel your energy come back, you will have less sickness and the reduction in your waistline will give you a stylish new wardrobe to show off while you walk the store without being winded.

Your health is worth the time it takes to change your diet!

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